Wednesday, December 3, 2014

bathroom picture gallery

Trying to decorate or redecorate your bathroom? Need some ideas? Here we would like to show you some bathroom design photo galleries for you to grab any idea that will pop out in your mind. The first picture we would like to show you is a pair of beautiful with unique stylish and natural countertops.

bathroom natural stone tiles and sinks combine with the wooden cabinet

As it can be seen in the picture, the main point of this wash basin is the neutrality form some stone tiles. The stone tiles and sinks combine with the wooden cabinet below them can give you the modern yet natural feeling. Besides, the addition of stones inside the glassy countertop, beautify with the blue light gives you the modern and unique feeling.

Aboeve picture from is for you who are craving for an antique yet glamour bathroom design. For you who decided to have a Victorian home design and interior, this bathroom is a good choice for you. The brown color gives the white curtains, bathtub, and rug, the popping up sensation inside the antique bathroom. Yet, the glamorous feeling is also present by the help of the Victorian chandelier. 

Simple, minimalist, yet modern and beautiful bathroom. Is that what you are trying to find? The third picture from might be your choice. This bathroom is indeed simple and doesn’t need much space. It only consists of your most important things inside a bathroom, sink and countertops, shower box, and also toilet. The cabinet below the countertop gives the lively feeling towards the neutral color of the walls and flooring. While the help of a large mirror will make the bathroom seems bigger.

small space white modern bathroom ideas

The next picture will also help you who have a rather small space bathroom. It is quite concise, with only a simple bathtub and two simple white wash basins. Thus, to make it larger, airy, and light, the windows and large mirror will help.